It's Almost a Science

We’ve developed a way to almost guarantee that each time you ask for a review you will get it and it will be an excellent review!

If you're like most of us, reviews are very hard to come by.

People seem to love your service,
you ask for a review but the review never comes.

Do you know why that is?

Most people actually have the best intentions and want to give you a good review but because Google doesn’t make it easy, most people just give up. On some devices it takes up to 4 clicks to leave a business review.

This is how our service helps. We have developed a single click, unique to your business, link that you can place on your business cards, postcards or other printed material. In fact, part of our service includes a customized, print-ready postcard.  But that’s not everything, it gets much better!

Let us show you how to boost your Google Reviews for a 1 time cost less than an average day’s wage.

Why Do I Need Reviews?


Google Reviews are a key in high listing results at Google. Since the 2014 Pigeon update Google has taken reviews into consideration when ranking local businesses.


Especially for small businesses, more Google Reviews help boost your business listings toward the top, under the very expensive paid listings.


Your Google Business listing on Google Maps is more and more prominent based on the number and star rating of your reviews.


Reviews are the single most important element that make people choose one business over another! Research shows that 88% of consumers trust reviews they find online just as much as personal recommendations.*1

"After 2 years in business we only had 12 reviews. Just 2 months after we signed up we had nearly 60 reviews and a huge jump in our Google position."
Erin G.
Bakery Owner

"We're up to over 50 reviews"

Brewer Supply Store

*1. How Important Are Your Online Customer Reviews? (Hannah Whittenly)

Another Review